Something Epic:

Ever since I was little I knew I loved art, and ever since I was 10 I knew I had food allergies. Although at first, the two elements seemed completely independent of one another, I knew that art and allergies had both shaped me into becoming the girl I am today. With this in mind, I decided that the very elements that shaped who I am would be crucial elements in shaping my initiative to make a difference.


It all came together one summer day when I was sitting on a plane and noticed a slight stain on my jeans that just would not come out. After concluding that the most effective way to manage the stain must be to paint over it, I got excited. The rest of that plane ride I imagined my first pair of jeans. I imagined the design and the colors. I imagined wearing them. I imagined making my friends jeans too. I imagined selling them… and then I imagined making a difference. Little did I know that I had imagined Epic Rose.