My Story, in a Nutshell:

The  2011 Family Dinner: I was ten years old. The waiter set a shining bowl of chocolate moose in front of me, and I dug in, instantly feeling a tickle in my throat. I ignored it. I didn’t have any food allergies at the time so the feeling was foreign to me, but soon I was gasping. My hands were shaking, my throat was closing, and for the first time in my life, I couldn’t breathe.

The 2011 Family Dinner: My first allergy attack.


The Allergy Bag: I felt like every week a new food allergy emerged, and I had the EpiPen bruises to prove it. Nuts in tea, coconut oil in vitamins, sesame seeds sprinkled over burgers- my new food allergies hid in the most unlikely places and the fear of their presence was draining. My life had taken an unexpected turn, which required me and my family to learn and cope with my allergies quickly and effectively. Soon, the allergy bag became my newest and least favorite accessory and food labels became my independent reading. I felt unlucky.

The Allergy Bag: The only accessory I never wanted.


The Curiosity: Yet as time went by, my allergies became manageable. I used the EpiPen significantly less, my fears were diminishing, and I felt confident and knowledgeable about my allergies, and so did my family. The process was exhausting and diminishing, but I knew I wasn’t the only one who had struggled, I knew that others were still struggling to adapt to their allergies and I wanted to help.

The Curiosity: The beginning of something Epic.